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What Vitamin Dose is right for you? Part Two: Lemon Lime Dose

Each Vitamin Dose is packed with a variety of different nutrients. So which one should you drink today? In this three part series we’ll break down the different vitamins and minerals present in each Vitamin Dose, how these nutrients help you function and who is likely to need these nutrients more than others.


View Part One: Mango Magnesium

Quick Recap: Those who drink heavily and smoke, don’t consume a variety of foods on a daily basis and/or have gastrointestinal diseases are at a great risk for these nutrients. 

Anyone looking to improve their overall health, boost their energy and bone strength, lower risk of heart disease, improve mood, fight migraines and inflammation, and support immune system will benefit from this mix of vitamins.

Vitamin C

105% of your Daily Value in one 5oz can of Vitamin Dose.

Who’s Deficient: Smokers, people who eat limited variety, someone who is dealing with inflammation

Best Sources: Citrus fruits, strawberries, cantaloupe, broccoli, tomatoes

Deficiency Symptoms: Fatigue, joint pain, inflammation of the gums, depression

Why You Need It: Supports immune function, antioxidant, ideal for healing wounds

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83% of your Daily Value in one 5oz can of Vitamin Dose.

Who’s Deficient: Someone who has Osteoporosis, people who don’t live a healthy and active lifestyle

Best Sources: Yogurt, cheese, milk, tofu, kale, fish

Deficiency Symptoms: Low bone mass, numbness and tingling in the fingers

Why You Need It: Builds and protects bones and teeth, helps maintain healthy blood pressure, helps with muscle contractions and relaxation

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Vitamin D

100% of your Daily Value in one 5oz can of Vitamin Dose.

Who’s Deficient:  someone who doesn’t spend much time in the sun, breastfed infants, older adults, obese people, someone with Crohn’s disease or celiac disease

Best Sources: Salmon, tuna, mushrooms, cheese, fortified cereals

Deficiency Symptoms: Soft bones, muscle weakness, bone pain

Why You Need It: Helps maintain strong teeth and bones, reduce the number of non-spinal fractures, muscles need it to move

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