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How to Eat Nutritiously On Summer Outings


Here on the East Coast, hibernation is a real thing. Most New Jereseyans will begin to leave their homes only once the temperature rises above at least 45 degrees, and even then – we’re not going very far.

But come spring and summer, we’re hitting the road every chance we get to soak up the sun! The Jersey Shore, sports outings, road trips… every weekend is something new and fun. Which also means every weekend has the potential of being a junk food fest.

While we’re not suggesting you always order a salad and avoid hot dogs and burgers completely, we do have some ideas for getting at least some vital nutrients in on those hot, busy days (you’re going to need them!)

On The Beach/Boardwalk

It may seem like the boardwalk only has unhealthy options, but you might have food tunnel vision. Instead of ordering something fried which will only make you bloated and blah, choose a turkey hoagie loaded up with veggies instead. If you can bring food on the beach, bring a refreshing fruit salad to nosh on – everyone will love it!

At The Ball Park or Concert

Instead of chicken fingers and fries, keep an eye out for grilled chicken sandwiches or wraps. Most chains at the stadium will have a healthier offering like these. If you MUST order a soft pretzel, get one and share it with a friend!

At The Carnival

Perhaps the worst offender of all, the carnival is a magnet for funnel cake, deep fried oreos and just about the unhealthiest foods you can think of. The good thing is, you should be able to find plenty of grilled foods here like grilled corn on the cob, meat kebabs, or barbecue turkey legs. If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, opt for a fresh squeezed lemonade (ask them to go light on the sugar) or a small cone of ice cream.

Dehydration, sweating, drinking alcohol and smoking (common activities during these summer celebrations) will rob you of nutrients more so than on a normal day. So no matter how good you are on these summer outings, be sure to bring along your favorite Vitamin Dose to supplement for the nutrients you’re missing out on!

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