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Give your Meal a Nutrient Boost with These Healthy Toppers

vitaminsThere are only so many nutrient-dense foods in this world, and you’re probably not eating them at every meal. These ingredients you can throw on at the end to make give your dish a variety of vitamins and minerals.

Micro Greens

Researchers found microgreens like red cabbage, cilantro, and radish contain up to 40 times higher levels of vital nutrients than their mature counterparts. If it’s been a few days since you’ve mixed yourself up a nice leafy green salad, try adding a handful of micro greens to you meal. We love to top tacos, burgers, sandwiches, pizza and egg dishes with these little bitty greens!


Throw a fried egg on top of your burger, rice dish, salad, vegetable hash, noodles… what have you! The yolk adds creaminess and a bit of Vitamin D, B-12 and B-6.

Almonds (And Nuts In General)

Nuts can easily be incorporated into your meal and they add a nice crunch and flavor that you may not even realize you’re missing! And while almonds have a great reputation, don’t ignore hazelnuts, peanuts, walnuts, cashews and pine nuts. Try crushed nuts over your stir-fry, or in place of breadcrumbs in any dish. Pine nuts and almonds are a favorite for pasta dishes and in sauces!

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